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  • Submerged-Arc Welding Wire.

    Submerged-Arc Welding Wire is a type of welding wire that has been specifically designed for use in SAW applications. It is a metal wire, typically made from copper or stainless steel, that is submerged in an electric arc to create the weld. This method of welding provides many advantages over tr...
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  • Argon-Arc Welding Wire

    Argon-Arc Welding Wire is a type of welding wire that offers superior performance and reliability. It is designed to be used with an arc welding process, which uses argon gas to create the weld joint. This weld joint can then be sealed by using a filler material such as steel or aluminum. The wel...
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  • Attend the Canton Fair every year

    Our factory can also produce according to the customer ' s requirement, the products widely applies in the national stadium construction , bridges building, ship - building, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, oil and water transportation project, and all ki...
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  • The certificate obtained by the factory

    We are professional factory of welding electrodes ( welding rods ), welding wire, welding blend powder and welding material, with powerful strengthen and advanced technology and the rights of self - supporting export . We introduced the international advanced level of el...
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